A photography festival with a committed stance

Every year, the La Gacilly Photo Festival attracts over 300,000 visitors to Brittany and
200,000 to Baden in Austria. Thanks to its presence in railway stations across
Brittany and Paris, it also reaches out to hundreds of thousands of passengers
between early June and late September. Add to that the several million views shared
on social media in over 45 countries, and we can safely conclude that the dream has
come true! The La Gacilly Photo Festival is alive and flourishing! It astounds,
surprises, disturbs, disconcerts, challenges and enriches our lives. It veers from the
paths reserved for contemporary art and reaches out to local people, tourists,
travellers, bloggers and internet users of every generation. It connects them to the
same reality, wherever they are. It brings people together, virtually and in real life. It
is now natural to see passers-by take photographs of the prints on show and of the
people looking at them, ready to post online. People have adopted the Festival as
their own.
This rich cultural scene is thus the perfect stage for going to the heart of matters and
exhibiting the best, the sometimes tragic and the simply wonderful – the things that
encourage us to change perspective and shake up our value system. Photography
has to surprise if it is to provide a sharper view of reality. The temptation to use the
Festival’s committed stance to People and Nature to urge everyone to choose
moderation over abundance, quality over quantity, better over more and usefulness
over gadgets is irresistible! Photography in the public space provides a collective
stimulus, brings meaning and forges ties between the artists and the general public. It
fosters exchange, interaction and dialogue. It can bring us new possibilities.
Restrained or forceful, modest or majestic but never minor or insignificant, the
photographs exhibited at the La Gacilly Photo Festival are right in the heart of things,
where everything happens, moves and exists. Regardless of whether the La Gacilly
Photo Festival is your point of departure or arrival, a stopover, a stage of a trip, your
origin or your destination, it is a place that unites visitors and inhabitants, somewhere
firmly rooted in its territory yet open to the world. You never know where your next
journey will take you!

Auguste Coudray

President of the La Gacilly Photo Festival