After expanding its reach in 2017 by exhibiting in the near by towns of Glénac and La Chapelle-Gaceline, the La Gacilly Photo Festival has acquired an international dimension since 2018 with a sister event in Baden, a town that lies 30 kilometres south of Vienna in Austria. Baden is an imperial spa town nestled in an unspoilt natural setting and, like La Gacilly, it nurtures a sustainable vision of development and a love of art.

Les photographerss exhibited in La Gacilly are exhibited the following year in Baden, Austria.

As the 17th edition Viva Latina! of the Festival in Brittany was devoted to South America, the 3rd edition of La Gacilly-Baden Photo Festival presented the entire programme, All Eyes East, which attracted 306,000 visitors.

La Gacilly-Baden Photo Festival
18 June > 17 October 2021
4th édition - Viva Latina!

Lois Lammerhuber, Director of La Gacilly-Baden Photo Festival
Florence Drouhet, Artistic Director of La Gacilly-Baden Photo Festival