A photography festival with a mission

Since 2004, the La Gacilly Photo Festival has been defined by its unique geographical setting at the heart of the rural environment in Brittany, and by its commitment to the great environmental challenges facing society. This annual gathering of more than 300,000 people is an opportunity to share a superb experience with family and friends in an atmosphere of togetherness, authenticity and meaning.

Today, we are reaffirming our desire to be an active participant in the transition to a greener economy and outlook.

As a highly unique medium working to raise the alarm and propose solutions, we want to foster the development of a collective consciousness and generate a contagious sense of enthusiasm about the issues we raise.

In this way, as well as being committed to these causes, we hope to inspire commitment in others, too!

This contribution to the common good, to environmental, societal, economic and cultural issues is embodied by 6 topics that enframe our actions !

A responsible in-situ programme that is accessible to all

Introducing work that addresses the great challenges facing our societies and our planet, and which plays a part in developing a collective consciousness and an artistic, oneiric expression of photography.

Supporting photographers in a changing society

By reaffirming their roles, protecting their rights and helping them to create and disseminate their work.

The exemplary practices and sustainable design choices of the association

Focused on the continuous evaluation and improvement of the festival’s social and environmental impact.

Collaborative innovation and promoting action

Through the work we carry out with visitors all year long and the various experiences we offer to ensure the festival acts as a laboratory for positive and promising initiatives.

The universal right to culture

Firstly, through its local roots in rural surroundings and its international reach and ambition, and secondly, by protecting cultural rights in response to shared and individual challenges.

Building and working together

By sharing skills and experiences with other cultural and economic stakeholders on both a regional and national level to encourage synergy and multiple viewpoints.




Our ambition is simple: to become a photography festival with a mission that is recognised for its commitment and its capacity to bring the public together around an exciting future. Because we believe in the power of collective effort, we are convinced that this ambition can only be achieved with the support of each and every one of you.