Public partners

DRAC - (Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles de Bretagne)

Région Bretagne

Morbihan - Conseil Départemental du Morbihan (56)

Who are we?

An actor of proximity, the Department supports its inhabitants daily in almost every aspects of life: family, education, environment, culture, social matters… The Council is a guarantor of a harmonious development of the territory.

Why support the La Gacilly Photo Festival?

More than a financial partner, the Department of Morbihan is the sponsor of this Festival. Every year, the Council gives a free pass to a photographer who goes and meets men and women who, like the Department, participate in building the territory.

Site officiel

Facebook: @departementdumorbihan

OBC - De L'Oust à Brocéliande Communauté

Who are we ?

“De l’Oust à Brocéliande communauté” (OBC) covers a geographical area gathering nearly 40,000 inhabitants and 26 communes around Malestroit, Guer and La Gacilly. In consultation with them, OBC proposes and develops proximity and valorization missions.

Why support the festival ?

One of our main objectives is to promote the territory, by accompanying and encouraging cultural activities for example. The Photo Festival totally reflects our educational ambition. It offers a high-quality exhibition, with famous photographers and selected works that convey an artistic and educational discourse that we adhere to and support. By its originality, the beauty of its setting and its free entrance, it also represents one of the main spearheads of our tourist offer. OBC is proud to be part of the public partners of the Photo Festival and wishes that this meeting rich of discoveries keep on questioning us many years.

Official website

Facebook: @oustbroceliande

LinkedIn: @de-l-oust-à-brocéliande-communauté

Commune de La Gacilly

Who are we ?

Since January 1, 2017, the three towns of Glénac, La Chapelle Gaceline and La Gacilly have become one: the new town of La Gacilly.

Why support the festival?

It seems indispensable to us to help one of the biggest Outdoor Photo Festival in Europe. Created 17 years ago, the La Gacilly Photo Festival brought together millions of visitors around the world's leading photographers. More than 1000 large format photographs displayed in the streets, gardens, alleys of the village of La Gacilly. It gives a cultural access of exception free family, between friends in our rural setting.

Official website

Facebook: @Unispourbienvivreensemblealagacilly

Logo - Commune de La Gacilly
Lead partners

Yves Rocher

Who are we?

In 1959, Mr. Yves Rocher created the Botanical Beauty®, an innovative beauty concept that draws its ingredients from nature and combines them with the best of science, to meet women’s every beauty desire.
More than a source of inspiration, Nature is at the heart of our business. Particularly concerned about its preservation, we commit ourselves daily to limit our impact on the environment and to anticipate the environmental challenges of tomorrow.

Why support the Photo Festival? 

Yves Rocher is the main sponsor of La Gacilly Photo Festival, which supports committed photographers. Through their eyes, it's a whole world to discover, protect and love. In tune with its times, the Photo Festival offers each visitor an immersive and ambulatory experience in the heart of Europe's largest open-air gallery. The Photo Festival makes us aware of the fragile beauty of our planet. A unique way to challenge the public about its future.

Official website

Facebook: @YvesRocherBeauty

Instagram: @yvesrocherfr

Twitter: @YvesRocherFR

LinkedIn: @yves-rocher

Gares et connexions

Who are we?

The SNCF Gares & Connexions branch stemed from a belief : train stations are vibrant places at at the crossroads of various journeys. Like the lungs of cities, they transform territories and make everyday life easier for millions of travellers, visitors and residents.

Ever since its creation, SNCF Gares & Connexions has chosen to place regions’ cultural life at the heart of train stations. Art is an essential part of life, of personal fulfilment, and community spirit. Efficient and reactive, they offer an insight into art, proposing rich artistic and cultural events, carried out with the help of national or local institutions, and paying special attention to local cultural news. Thus, train stations act as gateways to new territories, they reinvent the notions of exchange, travel, and transport in the eyes of all.

As an important partner of significant institutions and events dedicated to photography, like le Jeu de Paume, LE BAL,  Circulation(s), ImageSingulières or Rencontres d’Arles, we’re also involved in contemporary art and music. Today, there are in total over 100 train stations throughout the country which brighten day-to-day travelling for travellers and residents all year round.

Why support the La Gacilly Photo Festival?

Loyal to the La Gacilly Photo Festival, we have been supporting the event for 5 years in a row by exhibiting the iconic photographs of the festival’s programme in the train stations of Rennes, Nantes, Vannes, Saint-Malo, Redon and Paris Montparnasse.

Official website

Facebook: @Gares.Connexions

Instagram: @gares_connexions

Twitter: @ConnectGares

LinkedIn: @gares-&-connexions



Who are we?

Pioneer of a sales system based on the social network, the company Stanhome is committed to offering all new professional opportunities through three brands for the well-being of the whole family: · Stanhome: expert and efficient home care products for the care of the home · Stanhome Family Expert: a unique selection of dermo-cosmetic products for the whole family. · Kiotis: the precious virtues of Essential Oils in sensory and effective beauty treatments.

Why support the La Gacilly Photo Festival?

With the La Gacilly Photo Festival, Stanhome wishes to engage in the development of events that contribute to better publicize our territories, our values ​​of conviviality and sharing. By supporting this festival of national scale, it is the opportunity of the culture to all that we value.

Official website

Facebook: @stanhome.france

Instagram: @stanhome_france

LinkedIn: @stanhome-world

Vrai - Triballat Noyal

Who are we?

We are a family and independant food processing company with strong values of respect, unity and dedication. In our quest starting which started in the 70’s, to produce healthier food which respects both people and the environment, the company gradually expanded to new markets (organic food, plant-based products…) and we continue to innovate with a mission: healthy food from the field all the way to the plate.
The Vrai brand is a good example of this, offering organic dairy products from three different kinds of milk (cow, goat and sheep) and soya products.

Why support the La Gacilly Photo Festival?

We wanted to partner with the La Gacilly Photo Festival, to highlight our territory and promote access to culture and art to our employees and our customers, around the same values: respect for men, women, and nature.

Official website

Facebook: @VRAI.Officiel

Instagram: @danslevrai

Société générale

Who are we ?

With 24,000 employees in 2,122 branches across the country, Société Générale Retail Banking in France places the satisfaction of its customers at the heart of its daily activities. Societe Generale teams are present alongside the 7 million private customers and nearly 558,000 business customers, associations and companies to support them over the long term, with solutions tailored to their needs.

Why support the Festival?

Since its launch, SOCIETE GENERALE has supported the Photo Festival. We want to join this quality event that defends the values ​​of sustainable development in line with its societal and environmental responsibility (CSR), positioning it as a reference player.


Avec 24 000 collaborateurs dans 2 122 agences réparties sur tout le territoire, la Banque de détail Société Générale en France place la satisfaction de ses clients au cœur de son action au quotidien. Les équipes Société Générale sont présentes aux côtés des 7 millions de clients particuliers et près de 558 000 clients professionnels, associations et entreprises pour les accompagner, dans la durée, avec des solutions adaptées à leurs besoins.

Pourquoi soutenir le Festival ?
Depuis son lancement, SOCIETE GENERALE s’est engagée auprès du Festival Photo.
Elle tient à s’associer à cet évènement de qualité qui défend les valeurs de développement durable
en phase avec sa responsabilité sociétale et environnementale (RSE), la positionnant comme un acteur de référence."

Logo - Société Générale


Who are we?

CEWE is the European leading provider of photo printing and personalized photo products, elected "Best Photo Service in the World" in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 by the TIPA World Awards.

Why support the La Gacilly Photo Festival?

As a partner of numerous photo exhibitions and events, CEWE's mission is to contribute to the artistic recognition of photographers from different backgrounds who, through their eyes, capture the beauty, curiosities and emotions offered by our planet.

Our common values

Aware of the ecological impact of its production activities, CEWE is committed to reduce its carbon footprint through a rigorous policy of energy saving and greenhouse gas emissions compensation.

All the photo books and CEWE-branded products sold on the website are certified climate neutral: CEWE offset greenhouse gas emissions through the reforestation of 200,000 hectares of forest in the Kasigau Wildlife Corridor, which links the Tsavo East and Tsavo West natural parks in Kenya.

The entire production chain, from tree harvesting to wholesale, follows a controlled protocol that takes into account numerous social and environmental criteria and since 2020, 100% of the printing paper used for the CEWE PHOTOBOOK is FSC® certified (FSC-C101851).

Official website

Facebook: @cewefrance

Instagram: @cewe_france

Twitter: @CEWE_FR

LinkedIn: @cewe-sas


Who are we?

AGELIA, a professional photo lab located in the west of France with 3 agencies (Rennes, Caen and Nantes), offers all the services of printing & finishing touches to create your exhibitions or visual communication.

Why support the La Gacilly Photo Festival?

As a regional partner since the beginning of the festival, AGELIA shares this passion, this ardour that animates the festival team.

This festival is now a part of our genes and we are proud to be associated with it.

Official website

Facebook: @AgeliaFiga

Instagram: @ageliafiga

LinkedIn: @agelia

Initial Labo

Official website

Facebook: @initiallabo

Instagram: @initiallabo

LinkedIn: @initiallabo


Official website

Facebook: @locarmor

Instagram: @locarmor

Twitter: @locarmor

LinkedIn: @locarmor

Engie Green

Who are we?

ENGIE Green is a 100% owned subsidiary of the ENGIE Group, a global benchmark group in low-carbon energy and services. ENGIE is the benchmark partner for communities and companies engaged in the transition to carbon neutrality in our regions.

ENGIE in Brittany and its subsidiaries [Brittany: 2,500 employees] master the entire knowledge chain of energy professions by relying on a simplified territorial organization, promoting local anchoring and synergy of professions, resolutely connected to its clients.

ENGIE in Brittany has two strong areas of development:

  1. Support our customers to consume less and better energy
  2. To locally produce renewable energy through our wind farms, our photovoltaic panels, our biomass boilers and our methanizers.

French leader in wind and solar power in installed MW, ENGIE Green has developed unique expertise in the areas of development, financing, construction and operation of wind and solar farms for a total at the end of 2020 of 1,950 GW wind power and 1.113 GW solar installed (i.e. an annual production of green energy injected into the grid equivalent to the consumption of nearly 2.7 million inhabitants). It also has 5.5 GW of projects in development.

600 employees carry out tailor-made projects with local players that enhance the potential of each region.

ENGIE Green's 20 agencies in France are located at the heart of its regions and its head office is based in Montpellier. Its two brittain agencies are located in Lorient and La Mézière. The 13 ENGIE Green wind farms installed in Brittany produce the equivalent of the annual consumption of nearly 140,000 people.

With ENGIE Green, the development of renewable energies goes hand in hand with a societal, responsible and sustainable approach.

*Figures updated on 01/01/2021

Why support the La Gacilly Photo Festival?

ENGIE is a long-standing player in Brittany in the field of energy transition. ENGIE is involved in social and cultural life in the Brittany region with the ambition of contributing to major regional cultural events, or even contributing to the creation of events to assert the Brittany entity and highlight the cultural heritage of our region.

The La Gacilly Photo Festival has contributed to this enhancement for several years through international photographers and brings art to life where people live and work.

This is why ENGIE is a partner and supports the La Gacilly Photo Festival and thus defends the territory, cultural values ​​and art accessible to all.

Official website

Twitter: @ENGIEGreen

LinkedIn: @engie-green-france


Official website

Facebook: @EY

Instagram: @ey_global

Twitter: @EYFrance

LinkedIn: @ernstandyoung

La Saif

Who are we ?

Created in 1999, the Saif is one of the youngest artists’ societies in France. It stemed from artists’ wish to collectively defend their rights. The Saif is a civil society whose mission is to defend, collect and distribute visual artists’ rights. Today the Saif represents more than 7,000 artists in all kinds of visual arts: architects, designers, photographers, cartoonists, illustrators, graphic designers, painters, plasticians, sculptors… Over 4,600 of these artists are photographers.

Why support the La Gacilly Photo Festival?

The Saif also plays an important part in artistic and cultural variety in France. That is why we are happy to support the La Gacilly Photo Festival. The Festival’s commitment as well as its wish to promote contemporary photographic creation match the Saif’s promise to fight to make artists’ voices heard ever since it was created.

Our common values

The Saif is receptive to the La Gacilly Photo Festival’s values that the Festival has been defending for nearly 20 years. We are particularly sensitive to its focus on the great environmental issues in our society and the solutions proposed and presented through contemporary photographers’ eyes - photographers who prefigure the world of tomorrow.


Saif - Société des Auteurs des arts visuels et de l’Image Fixe
82, rue de la Victoire
75009 Paris – France

Tel: +33 (0)1 44 61 07 82

Official website

Facebook: @societesaif

Instagram : @_la_saif


La saif - copie privée



Official website

Facebook: @Orange.France

Instagram: @orange

Twitter: @orange_france

LinkedIn: @orange


Official website


Instagram: @lascamfrance

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Instagram: @adagp_

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Logo adagp


Official website

Facebook: @motion4ever

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Media Graphic

Media partners

The Figaro Magazine

Official website

Facebook: @lefigaro

Instagram: @lefigarofr

Twitter: @Le_Figaro

LinkedIn: @le-figaro


Who are we?

Fisheye deciphers the world through image while remaining mindful of all forms of photographic writing. From emergent photographers to experienced authors, Fisheye is always on the lookout for changes in photography’s codes. That is where a link can be found between the stances we have made in our magazine, on our website and on the walls of the galleries.

Why support the La Gacilly Photo Festival?

Fisheye shares with the La Gacilly Photo Festival a taste for new talent and the desire to defend artists’ thanks to events and publications.

Official website

Facebook: @Fisheyemagazine

Instagram: @fisheyelemag

Twitter: @fisheyelemag

LinkedIn: @fisheye-l-agence

Chasseur d'Images

Who are we?

Chasseur d'Images has been the number 1 photography magazine for the past 40 years. Photo enthusiasts - whether they are experienced, professionals or amateurs - discover each month portfolios, camera tests, lens tests or equipment tests, and also the highlights of current events. Not forgetting the cultural calendar of the leading exhibitions taking place in Paris, in the rest of France and abroad.

Why support the La Gacilly Photo Festival?

The La Gacilly Photo Festival uses the power of images to defend social and environmental causes of our planet and that is what sensitised Chasseur d’Images /Nat’Images’ team. Since the very beginning we have supported the Festival by publishing a special edition of our magazine. An immersion into the heart  of ethics, based on the relationship between people and their environment, to share with you our passion for image and photography...

Official website

Facebook: @chasseurimages

Instagram: @chassimages

Twitter: @chassimages

Nat Images

Who are we?

Nat'Images is the 100% nature edition of Chasseur d'Images... It is the favorite magazine for nature photography enthusiasts who can find varied content within its pages: images, stories and exciting adventures led by the great names of nature photography but also amateurs eager to share their experiences.

Why support the La Gacilly Photo Festival?

The La Gacilly Photo Festival uses the power of images to defend social and environmental causes of our planet and that is what sensitised Chasseur d’Images /Nat’Images’ team. Since the very beginning we have supported the Festival by publishing a special edition of our magazine. An immersion into the heart of ethics, based on the relationship between people and their environment, to share with you our passion for image and photography...

Official website

Facebook: @natimages.lemag

Instagram: @natimages

logo nat'images


AFP is a leading global news agency, providing 24/7 coverage of world news across all fields. Benefitting from the strength of a network of 450 photographers spread across the world, AFP’s International Photo Service, recognised by its peers for its quality and its diversity, is rewarded each year at the biggest international awards in photojournalism. Built on the expertise of its photographers and photo editors, AFP’s photo offer is complemented by the production of more than 70 partner agencies.

Official website

Facebook: @AFPfra

Instagram: @afpphoto

Twitter: @afpcom

LinkedIn: @afp


Who we are?

ARTE's vocation to bring Europeans together through culture and innovative, thought-provoking programmes is more relevant than ever. 

Understanding the great turmoil facing our world today requires analysis, deciphering and contextualisation. 

It is in this spirit that ARTE invites you to share diverse and borderless experiences, whether on its screens or in close proximity to the public. 

Why support the La Gacilly Photo Festival?

The channel offers visitors of La Gacilly a selection of its programmes linked to the themes of the Festival. 

A way of accompanying the exhibitions by enriching the screenings open to all.

Official website

Facebook: @artetv

Instagram: @artefr

Twitter: @artefr

LinkedIn: @arte

France Bleu Armorique

France Info

Who we are?

Franceinfo is the very first public service global information medium that operates continuously. It provides and analyses current events thanks to its 160 journalists focused on one goal: providing reliable news 24/7 on varied media in order to offer citizens ways to form their owns opinions freely and independantly.

Unprecedented inquiries and news stories, decrypting and insight from experts… Live and at the heart of information, Franceinfo covers majors events in France and abroad, in order to better grasp current events et share them with the public.

Thanks to the alliance between public audiovisual partners like Radio France, France Télévisions, Ina and France Médias monde, Franceinfo, offers new real time information, major topical events on all media with a renewed radio, an ambitious digital offer and a TV channel.

Each day, Franceinfo gathers over 4,880,000 listeners and is thus able to maintain its place as the 4th most listened to radio in France. Franceinfo is the 1st source of information used on mobiles and is also a vocal assistant information pioneer with nearly 3 million listeners.

Franceinfo is reactive, innovative, thorough, concise, educational…

Why support the La Gacilly Photo Festival?

Photographers and journalists complete one another : they both enlighten the public and offer a way to understand an event, or a situation. That is why Franceinfo gives photography an important place in its sponsorship policy. For all these reasons, Franceinfo decided to support the La Gacilly Photo Festival.

Official website

Facebook: @franceinfo

Instagram: @franceinfo

Twitter: @franceinfo

LinkedIn: @france-info

Dentsu Aegis Network

Who are we?

As the fourth worldwide PR group, dentsu is specialised in all kinds of PR jobs: communication strategies, marketing, digital performance, creation, media strategy consulting, data management, and events.

In France, dentsu is made up of several agencies such as Carat, Isobar, iProspect or dentsu X, and gathers nearly 1,000 associates.

Pierre Calmar dis the President of the French group and of the MENA zone.

dentsu is present in 145 countries and has nearly 66,000 associates all over the world.

Official website

Facebook : @dentsuFR

Instagram : @dentsufr

Twitter : @dentsuFR

LinkedIn : @dentsuintl

dentsu logo


Who are we ?

JCDecaux, the number one outdoor advertising company worldwide, is present in more than 80 countries and 3,670 cities with over 10,000 inhabitants. JCDecaux is currently the only world-class player to focus exclusively on outdoor advertising and the development of all related activities: street furniture, transport and billboard advertising.

Why support the Festival ?

Since it was founded in 1964, JCDecaux has always been committed to embellishing urban landscapes by placing design and aesthetics at the forefront of its business model. Thus supporting the La Gacilly Photo Festival comes naturally to JCDecaux because it adorns La Gacilly’s streets and gardens through photographers’ eyes. Promoting photography is all the more legitimate than the art that’s at the heart of our media; it is considered a privileged means of expression by many of our fellow-citizens.

Our common values

The La Gacilly Photo Festival and JCDecaux share common values which aim at meeting the challenge of an ecological and social transition. As a committed responsible actor, JCDecaux offers free innovative urban services in order to make city-dwellers’ daily lives more comfortable, connected, inclusive and welcoming. Through the many campaigns we advertise, we encourage more sustainable lifestyles and thus contribute to the transformation of society.

Official website

Facebook: @JCDecaux

Instagram: @jcdecauxglobal

Twitter: @JCDecaux_France

LinkedIn: @jcdecaux

Logo - JCDecaux


Who are we?

As an actor of outdoor communication for the past 30 years, Affiouest is a locally-based partner which offers temporary or permanent advertising. We are an avertising subsidiary of the SIPA Ouest France Group, and we accompany advertisers in their quest for making a visual impact in cities and towns of Western France. To do so, we manage over 3,000 advertising spaces which are divided into 90 urban networks: 12m², 8m² (digital) and 2m², but also suburban networks: 4m², which are often tailor-made. Each year, we support this engagement in favour of sustainable development and take part in the Festival’s communication and promotion thanks to our paper and digital advertising.

Why support the La Gacilly Photo Festival?

Supporting and promoting the La Gacilly Photo Festival was an obvious choice for us because here, the power of images resides in nature: the environment expresses itself as far as the eye can see. Each year, we support this commitment to sustainable development and we’re amazed by it.

Our common values

As an actor of local outdoor communication, Affiouest privileges collaboration with local partners in order to reduce its carbon footprint and contribute to local and regional econonomic activity. Thus, we have chosen to work with French sustainable equipment manufacturers, environmentally responsable hauliers, and bill posters who are established in the advertising areas, in order to shorten travel time and thus reduce CO² emissions. We also work with printing companies that make Imprim’Vert certified posters, using non-polluting water-based ink, and we ensure these posters are recycled once they are taken down.

Official website

Facebook: @affiouestprecomouestfrance

LinkedIn: @affiouest

Network partners

Collectif des Festivals

Who are we?

The Collectif des festivals is an association that brings together 32 festivals committed to a charter for sustainable development and solidarity in Brittany.

Its aim is to help festival organizers take action and share experiences. It works on four principles:

  • Technical and methodological support: to improve festival production modes
  • Experimental work: to bring out solutions to common issues
  • Training: to develop the skills of festival teams, and promote peer education
  • Transmission of best practices: by creating and widely distributing guides, tools, advice.

Why support the The La Gacilly Photo Festival?

The La Gacilly Photo Festival has been a member of the Collectif des festivals for 10 years and has been involved in its board of directors since 2020. It actively participates in all the work and is committed to improving the Festival each year by strengthening its link with the village and the area, by reducing its environmental impact and welcoming its audiences as best as possible.

Creating and doing things together: by sharing skills and experiences with other regional and national cultural operators, the festival association encourages interaction and the exchange of viewpoints. This collective energy better serves and defends photographic creation and a policy focused on the audiences present locally.

Official wesite

Facebook: @LeCollectifDesFestivals

Instagram: @collectif.des.festivals

Twitter: @CollFestivals

Art Contemporain en Bretagne

Who are we?

a.c.b – art contemporain en Bretagne – is a regional network of 50 professional structures working to promote the visual arts throughout the region.
With a federal structure, this network brings together a high number of production, presentation, training, publishing, resource and research venues and covers urban and rural areas in the region.

Why support the La Gacilly Photo Festival?

The festival association joined this network at the beginning of 2020 in recognition of the work it carries out providing mediation and support resources for the creation and dissemination of photography.

Creating and doing things together: by sharing skills and experiences with other regional and national cultural operators, the festival association encourages interaction and the exchange of viewpoints. This collective energy better serves and defends photographic creation and a policy focused on the audiences present locally.

Official website

Facebook: @artcontemporainbretagne

Instagram: @artcontemporainbretagne

Twitter: @reseau_acb

Une traversée photographique en Bretagne

Who are we?

A Photographic Journey across Brittany is the result of a union between seven of the region’s artistic and cultural organisations involved in photography. The aim of the initiative was to unite this network of stakeholders, to create routes that invite the public to meander and meet, and to showcase the region’s rich output in contemporary photography through joint communication efforts.


Festival Photo La Gacilly - La Gacilly et Fougères
Les Champs Libres - Rennes
Le Frac Bretagne
Le Centre d’art Gwinzegal - Guingamp
La galerie Le Lieu - Lorient
La galerie L’Imagerie - Lannion
Les Balades photographiques de Daoulas

Why support the La Gacilly Photo Festival?

The La Gacilly Photo Festival is part of a dynamic local network of cultural partners working together on a programme of artistic and photographic events across Brittany. This rich regional programme spans four months, with exhibitions and other cultural events open to the public.

Creating and doing things together: by sharing skills and experiences with other regional and national cultural operators, the festival association encourages interaction and the exchange of viewpoints. This collective energy better serves and defends photographic creation and a policy focused on the audiences present locally.

Official website

Green Morbihan

Who are we?

The Green Morbihan® brand, created in 2018 by the Morbihan Tourism Agency, is the result of the meeting between professionals of tourism driven by the same values ​​of sustainable development and the same quest: giving visitors a meaningfull holyday.

An association of the same name brings these professionals from different sectors together : accommodation, leisure, transportation, producers, events ...

Ensuring harmonious economic development, preserving the environment and local populations, reducing our impact on the planet, providing mutual support by valuing each other and elaborating common projects, seducing and raising awareness among the visitors during their stay in Morbihan…. those are the ambitions carried by the members of Green Morbihan®!

The brand was naturally attributed to the the La Gacilly Photo Festival in 2019 recognising its ethical and humanistic commitment for the protection of the planet.

Official website

Produit en Bretagne


logo bretagne

The festival has also been made possible thanks to support from:

Our technical partners

Sappi, IMAYE Graphic, Offset 5, La Nouvelle Imprimerie, PixTrakk, Europcar, Facebook, Boostyourweb, Linévia, TER BreizhGo.


Our institutional partners

Le Parc Animalier et Botanique de Branféré, Les Champs Libres, Fondation Yves Rocher, Västerbottens Museum, Galerie Camera Obscura, Ciné Manivel, Artémisia, Théâtre Équestre de Bretagne, Librairie Larcelet, Comité des fêtes de La Gacilly, Les Éditions de Juillet, KuB, Fonds de dotation Trajectoires, Manoir de Trégaray, Mission Locale du Pays de Redon et de Vilaine, Réseau Canopé.


And of course, we must thank our local benefactors from La Gacilly and its surrounding area, as well as all the festival-goers and volunteers who support us and remain loyal, year after year.