Founded in 2004, the La Gacilly Photo Festival invites you on an immersive photographic experience as you stroll around 20 or so open-air galleries presenting the very best in contemporary photographic creation that questions our relationship with our world and our natural environment.

Photographs adorn the streets, gardens and alleys of La Gacilly, whose outstanding built and natural heritage provides a perfect backdrop to the thousand or so images on display. Public space becomes a stage, shared and open to all, free of charge.

Every summer, some 300,000 people come to the La Gacilly Photo Festival with family or friends, as newcomers or devoted regulars, to enjoy large-format, open-air exhibitions of some of the greatest names and emerging talents in photography.

A festival focused on major social issues

An open-air art gallery

Two themes are addressed each year, one focused on contemporary creation specific to one country or continent (for example, America Latina in 2020, Eastern Europe in 2019, Africa in 2017, or Japan in 2016) and one that explores a social and environmental issue (such as Question Time for Earth in 2018, People/Animals in 2017, The Oceans in 2016, etc.).

By tackling these topics from an artistic and aesthetic angle, the festival mirrors all of our concerns. Rooted in the modern world, it engages, opposes, surprises, reassures, and is a source of hope. The message is clear: to live in harmony with themselves and with nature, humans must maintain a sustainable relationship with the Earth. Faced with today's destructive means of production, threatening social and ecological well-being, the Festival encourages a harmonious sense of community, a fulfilling lifestyle and a virtuous economic model.


Two themes are addressed each year, one focused on contemporary creation specific to one country or continent (for example, America Latina in 2020, Eastern Europe in 2019, Africa in 2017, or Japan in 2016) and one that explores a social and environmental issue (such as Question Time for Earth in 2018, People/Animals in 2017, The Oceans in 2016, etc.).

By tackling these topics from an artistic and aesthetic angle, the festival mirrors all of our concerns.


Ansel Adams, Raymond Depardon, Sarah Moon, Jacques-Henri Lartigue, Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Elliott Erwitt, Robert Doisneau, Sebastião Salgado, Steve McCurry, Seydou Keïta… Since 2004, almost 370 of the world’s most prestigious photographers have been exhibited. The La Gacilly Photo Festival showcases ethical and humanistic photography captured by photographers from the realms of art and photojournalism who question our relationship to the world and our environment.


In Brittany and on a national and international scale, the La Gacilly Photo Festival is seen as a key cultural event that contributes to the development and promotion of the region and of Brittany as a whole.

Led by an association of loyal and truly committed public and private partners who share the same values, the festival advocates a virtuous model of development as it contributes to the area’s cohesion, identity and appeal.

An educational project for pupils

For the past 10 years, the Festival, in partnership with the French Ministry of Education and the Morbihan departmental Council, has been inviting local secondary schools to take part in this educational project based on an exploration of photography. 350 students from 16 public and private secondary schools in the area have spent time working on anexhibition on the theme of ‘In your dreams’ throughout the academic year. The pupils are supported by their teachers and a photographer-mentor as they discover photography: from initiation to artistic reflection, from the photo shoot and editing process to the final printing of their images, this project allows them to explore the many facets of professional photography while expanding their vision and knowledge of this art

The resulting exhibition is an integral part of the festival’s programme and showcases all the work accomplished by the pupils throughout the year.


The festival took on a European dimension in 2018 with the creation of a sister event in Baden, Austria which uses the same concepts. This event is a second chance to explore the La Gacilly programme the following year, resulting in a total of 615,000 visitors over the two exhibitions.


After expanding its reach in 2017 by exhibiting in the near by towns of Glénac and La Chapelle-Gaceline, the La Gacilly Photo Festival has acquired an international dimension since 2018 with a sister event in Baden, a town that lies 30 kilometres south of Vienna in Austria. Baden is an imperial spa town nestled in an unspoilt natural setting and, like La Gacilly, it nurtures a sustainable vision of development and a love of art.

The photographers exhibited in 2017 during the festival edition devoted to Africa in la Gacilly, saw their works exhibited in Austria during the 1st ever edition of the La Gacilly-Baden Photo Festival. And as the 18th festival unveils a programme largely devoted to Northern Europe this summer in Brittany, the 4th La Gacilly-Baden Photo Festival will present the entire 2020 programme, Viva Latina !

Festival Photo La Gacilly-Baden

18 June > 17 October 2021
4th edition

Lois Lammerhuber, Director of La Gacilly-Baden Photo Festival
Florence Drouhet, Artistic Director of La Gacilly-Baden Photo Festival

A creator of contemporary archives

Supporting contemporary photographic creation, the La Gacilly Photo Festival creates artistic content. In 14 years, it has financed 15 photographic commissions signed by professional photographers, who come to document local life in Morbihan.

The annual edition of the exhibition catalogue is part of the Festival's ambition to give artists more visibility and to leave a trace for future generations to come.

Since 2017, a digital version of the catalogue is also available. It marks the Festival's ambition to stay in tune with modern technology and new ways of communicating.


An association under the law of 1901

From the very beginning, the La Gacilly Photo Festival has been led by a non-profit association that employs 2 permanent full time staff members. The association also generates summer jobs (for the installation of the exhibitions, communication, cultural mediation, receiving the public etc).  As a major cultural, social and economic actor of the local territory, it plays a significant part in Brittany's appeal and dynamism.

In order to fulfil its missions, and because a free festival needs friends, the Festival accepts donations from private companies, but also from visitors of the festival. It is also possible to make donations online on the Festival's website.

The Festival Team

Jacques Rocher
Auguste Coudray
Stéphanie Retière-Secret
Flora Gervais
Administration officer
and tour guide
Cyril Drouhet
Exhibition curator
Camille Froger
Public Relations Officer
Melina Le Blaye
Head of public and press relations
Dominique Rolland
Technical manager
Thierry Coroller
Production manager
Serge Beniguet
Virginie Vincent
Bastien Duval
New takes on environmental photography award
Graphic designer
Press agency
Jean Rousseau
Promotion - Advertising spaces
Florence Drouhet
Artistic Director
of La Gacilly-Baden
Photo Festival

Our partners

DRAC - (Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles de Bretagne)

Région Bretagne

About the Regional Council

The Regional Council of Brittany invests in many areas to enhance the quality of life of its inhabitants.

Its actions range from professional training to transportation (regional trains, school buses, daily connections to the Breton islands), as well as grants to companies.

By investing in this way, the council takes part in essential projects for the region, hence promoting equality in town and county planning, through rail and port infrastructure, building and maintaining secondary schools, reinvigorating town centres and increasing highspeed broadband internet access.

The council also supports many cultural events, which ensures the cultural, sports and linguistic vitality of Brittany, known to be one of the most open and welcoming regions in France.

Why support the La Gacilly Photo Festival ?

In France, Brittany is the region that has the most artistic and cultural events going all year round. The council wishes to support and encourage this vitality.

The council helps ambitious projects come alive, even more so when they have deep roots in the region and contribute to innovating Brittany’s cultural way of life, from live performance to fine arts.

Because the La Gacilly Photo Festival is so active in terms of putting contemporary creation in the spotlight, helping young artists emerge, and because it works closely with many professional networks and has developed a comprehensive film education programme, the Regional Council has decided to give strong support to its actions.

It is in the name of their shared values that the Regional Council supports the Gacilly festival.

Our common values for a sustainable future

In 2017 the Regional Council launched a hyphen political project based on sober and sustainable development with goals to reach by 2040. The process, which was inspired by the Conference of the Parties held in Paris (COP21), is called Breizh Cop.

The Regional Council is currently fully engaged in the Breizh Cop process and is working with professionals from the cultural sector around 3 main subjects: the fight against climate change, the promotion of gender equality and the development of cultural rights.

These concerns are shared by the La Gacilly Photo Festival, as shown by their manifesto claiming a more sustainable approach in their future organization.

Official website


Instagram: @region.bretagne

Twitter: @regionbretagne

LinkedIn: @region-bretagne

Morbihan - Conseil Départemental du Morbihan (56)

Who are we?

An actor of proximity, the Department supports its inhabitants daily in almost every aspects of life: family, education, environment, culture, social matters… The Council is a guarantor of a harmonious development of the territory.

Why support the La Gacilly Photo Festival?

More than a financial partner, the Department of Morbihan is the sponsor of this Festival. Every year, the Council gives a free pass to a photographer who goes and meets men and women who, like the Department, participate in building the territory.

Site officiel

Facebook: @departementdumorbihan

OBC - De L'Oust à Brocéliande Communauté

Who are we ?

“De l’Oust à Brocéliande communauté” (OBC) covers a geographical area gathering nearly 40,000 inhabitants and 26 communes around Malestroit, Guer and La Gacilly. In consultation with them, OBC proposes and develops proximity and valorization missions.

Why support the festival ?

One of our main objectives is to promote the territory, by accompanying and encouraging cultural activities for example. The Photo Festival totally reflects our educational ambition. It offers a high-quality exhibition, with famous photographers and selected works that convey an artistic and educational discourse that we adhere to and support. By its originality, the beauty of its setting and its free entrance, it also represents one of the main spearheads of our tourist offer. OBC is proud to be part of the public partners of the Photo Festival and wishes that this meeting rich of discoveries keep on questioning us many years.

Official website

Facebook: @oustbroceliande

LinkedIn: @de-l-oust-à-brocéliande-communauté

Commune de La Gacilly

Who are we ?

Since January 1, 2017, the three towns of Glénac, La Chapelle Gaceline and La Gacilly have become one: the new town of La Gacilly.

Why support the festival?

It seems indispensable to us to help one of the biggest Outdoor Photo Festival in Europe. Created 17 years ago, the La Gacilly Photo Festival brought together millions of visitors around the world's leading photographers. More than 1000 large format photographs displayed in the streets, gardens, alleys of the village of La Gacilly. It gives a cultural access of exception free family, between friends in our rural setting.

Official website

Facebook: @Unispourbienvivreensemblealagacilly

Logo - Commune de La Gacilly

Yves Rocher

Who are we?

In 1959, Mr. Yves Rocher created the Botanical Beauty®, an innovative beauty concept that draws its ingredients from nature and combines them with the best of science, to meet women’s every beauty desire.
More than a source of inspiration, Nature is at the heart of our business. Particularly concerned about its preservation, we commit ourselves daily to limit our impact on the environment and to anticipate the environmental challenges of tomorrow.

Why support the Photo Festival? 

Yves Rocher is the main sponsor of La Gacilly Photo Festival, which supports committed photographers. Through their eyes, it's a whole world to discover, protect and love. In tune with its times, the Photo Festival offers each visitor an immersive and ambulatory experience in the heart of Europe's largest open-air gallery. The Photo Festival makes us aware of the fragile beauty of our planet. A unique way to challenge the public about its future.

Gares et connexions

Who are we?

The SNCF Gares & Connexions branch stemed from a belief : train stations are vibrant places at at the crossroads of various journeys. Like the lungs of cities, they transform territories and make everyday life easier for millions of travellers, visitors and residents.

Ever since its creation, SNCF Gares & Connexions has chosen to place regions’ cultural life at the heart of train stations. Art is an essential part of life, of personal fulfilment, and community spirit. Efficient and reactive, they offer an insight into art, proposing rich artistic and cultural events, carried out with the help of national or local institutions, and paying special attention to local cultural news. Thus, train stations act as gateways to new territories, they reinvent the notions of exchange, travel, and transport in the eyes of all.

As an important partner of significant institutions and events dedicated to photography, like le Jeu de Paume, LE BAL,  Circulation(s), ImageSingulières or Rencontres d’Arles, we’re also involved in contemporary art and music. Today, there are in total over 100 train stations throughout the country which brighten day-to-day travelling for travellers and residents all year round.

Why support the La Gacilly Photo Festival?

Loyal to the La Gacilly Photo Festival, we have been supporting the event for 5 years in a row by exhibiting the iconic photographs of the festival’s programme in the train stations of Rennes, Nantes, Vannes, Saint-Malo, Redon and Paris Montparnasse.



Who are we?

Pioneer of a sales system based on the social network, the company Stanhome is committed to offering all new professional opportunities through three brands for the well-being of the whole family: · Stanhome: expert and efficient home care products for the care of the home · Stanhome Family Expert: a unique selection of dermo-cosmetic products for the whole family. · Kiotis: the precious virtues of Essential Oils in sensory and effective beauty treatments.

Why support the La Gacilly Photo Festival?

With the La Gacilly Photo Festival, Stanhome wishes to engage in the development of events that contribute to better publicize our territories, our values ​​of conviviality and sharing. By supporting this festival of national scale, it is the opportunity of the culture to all that we value.

Vrai - Triballat Noyal

Who are we?

We are a family and independant food processing company with strong values of respect, unity and dedication. In our quest starting which started in the 70’s, to produce healthier food which respects both people and the environment, the company gradually expanded to new markets (organic food, plant-based products…) and we continue to innovate with a mission: healthy food from the field all the way to the plate.
The Vrai brand is a good example of this, offering organic dairy products from three different kinds of milk (cow, goat and sheep) and soya products.

Why support the La Gacilly Photo Festival?

We wanted to partner with the La Gacilly Photo Festival, to highlight our territory and promote access to culture and art to our employees and our customers, around the same values: respect for men, women, and nature.

Société générale

Who are we?

Société Générale, one of Europe’s leading financial services groups and a major player in the economy for over 150 years, supports 30 million clients every day with 133,000 staff in 61 countries. Société Générale Group, with four shared values (Team Spirit, Innovation, Commitment and Responsibility), aims to be a trusted partner in the projects of those building tomorrow’s world today.

Why support the La Gacilly Photo Festival?

Since its launch, Société Générale has supported the Photo Festival. Société Générale shares with the Festival Team common values. Société Générale is fully aware that economic development is no longer possible without environmental and social progress. Hence Corporate Social Responsibility is at the heart of the Group’s strategy in order to promote a sustainable development.

Logo - Société Générale