Hervé Le Reste

Portraiture is the specialty to which Hervé Le Reste devotes the most time. The work of light, The work of light, the quality of human relations and the creative spirit are at the center of this delicate exercise. Passionate about ancient processes, he directs his work towards large format wet collodion.

Collège Saint-Jean-Baptiste d'Arradon

Nature has been passed down to us. It is our responsability to preserve it for future generations. It is to keep this heritage alive that we choose to buy locally from regional producters who favoir short supply-chain food production and fight to preserve nature and hamper an ongoing urbanization process. 

Here, the family tradiction is an expertise spanning from the respect of the animal to the marketing of meat and dairy products. As consumers and through our shopping habits, we have the power to help these producers in their ecological endeavors.


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Collège Saint-Jean La Salle de Guidel

For Paul Éluard, "It is the gentle law of men to turn grapes into wine, and coal into fire".

As for Jean-Bernard : with pork, he makes andouille sausages; apples, his cider; milk, his butter; eggs, pancakes; a string, his belt. Happiness becomes his job; Nature is his life; his skills a legacy.

Inspired by the work of Depardon and Barrau on farmers, we met Jean-Bernard and Laurence. In harmony with nature, energy saving and far from any technology, they live happily.


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Collège Émile Mazé de Guémené-sur-Scorff

Dealing with the project whose title is "Natural Heritage", we chose the theme of WATER. Our series of photographies about the Scorff river shows how our ancestors knew how to take advantage of that natural resource which may rarefy soon. Since Summer 2022, which was affected by a serious drought, people have been realizing how invaluable water is.

We must save water. So let's stop lingering under the shower! Let's stop watering golf fields and filling swimming pools! These are not vital.

Let's recycle water. In France, less than 1 percent of waste water is recycled when in other countries, it is up to 80 percent! Water is an essential and insidpensable resource which belongs to everyone. It is our duty to protect it from speculation. Let's save it!


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