Aude Sirvain - Locoal Mendon

ENSAD Paris graduate, Aude Sirvain now lives between le Morbihan and Paris. She works on personal projects about coastal landscapes; youthfulness, in which she captures the passage of time through a delicate lens. She joined the Collectif de Photographes France(s), Territoire Liquide.

Collège Saint-Louis de Lorient

Collège Saint-Louis de Lorient

Man within nature...

I think I have between my hands

The precious life of this place

This place where the visitor is human

And where animal is king.


I know we are responsible

Of the endless destruction

Of this incredible kingdom

Where all lives start and end.


Only to us belongs

The choice to destroy

Or to enrich at last

This place of uncertain pleasure.


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Collège Kerfontaine de Pluneret

Collège Kerfontaine de Pluneret

Nature is in us...

The biologist E.O. Wilson suggests that we have a genetic link to nature.
He calls it Biophilia ; this is what our pictures are about.
Through the mirrors, we show the human's innate need to integrate with the natural world.
Nature reflects itself in us and we reflect nature.
Here we testify that protecting nature is protecting oneself as its heirs. 


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