Cédric Wachthausen - Vannes

ETPA graduate, Cédric Wachthausen learned about photography by travelling. He records what he sees and produces images using devices transformed as needed. In 2015, he created the collective In Visu, with nine photographers. He is now working for the transmission of a free and freed photographic language.

Collège Beaumanoir de Ploërmel

Sentinels of nature

Pure nature

Not easy to access

But the rewarded man

Once arriving at the top

Is dressed by nature

With rock

With leaves

With lichen

To become one.


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Collège Antoine de Saint-Exupéry de Vannes

The faces of the forest

Once upon a time there was a girl who was taking a stroll in the forest. She used to come and wander among the trees, the flowers and the animals. After walking a lot, she decided to rest near a tree. All of a sudden, right next to her, whe glimpsed some shapes that looked like faces along with a billboard on which was written : "Take the one that suits you, it will make you invisible to other humans." She tried them all : bark, moss, mimosa, sand... Which one to choose ? Each face gave her this incredible sensation to make one with Nature.


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Collège Max Jacob de Josselin


"Poetry, a natural portal"

In its other dimensions,

Nature knows no pollution, no deforestation

all is eco-logical.

It's alive, it's magical.

Plants growing in profusion, 

in its other dimensions.

In these photos, our imaginations create pathways to a nature that takes on the air of a primeval forest. Our hopes are like portals that can take us to places that reflect our origins, towards this essential "great natural whole" that we must rediscover.


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