Frédéric Mouraud - Elven

Frédéric Mouraud is a portrait photographer for nearly 30 years. Professionnalism, sharing of experience and passion, are his commitments to college students and to his customers who are welcomed with conviviality on a daily basis at his studio in Elven, 16 rue Nationale.

Collège Marie-Immaculée de Mauron

Are we doomed to contemplate a burnt-out nature ?

Earth, fire and water...
In the core of elements, the bruised Nature, wounded by the flames, reveals its scars surprisingly beautiful under the winter light.
Yet, the breeze of rebirth is already here: the power of Nature gives birth to young, green shoots, symbolizing hope. The magic of Broceliande is at work, the forest is regenerating...
We will grow up with these young shoots and protect them, so that the legacy to be passed on is a nature full of life!


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Collège Notre-Dame de Saint-Avé

Mother Nature

Beloved Mother Nature embracing a thousand wonders, 

your beauty shines bright unrivalled.

What remains of your fertile grace,

when you are lessened to an insignificant object?

What will be heard at a far distance

from the cities in 10, 20, 30 or in a 100 years time?

"Can you hear this boxed bird chirping?

Can you hear that tree birth in his new small house?

This green pen just crawled out of the Earth like a worm

seizes the forest just like that glass bottle".

Beloved Mother Nature, would you be fading away?

Or is my toxic presence harming you?

Hey you, what if we listened to your cries for help!


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