The Importance of Being Present

We are convinced that culture breeds a sense of community, along with an understanding of others and ourselves. As a result, the municipal team in La Gacilly and I are deeply committed to the area’s cultural life, and we actively support the initiatives of local associations and their volunteers.

Every year for the past 17 years, over 300,000 visitors have come to the La Gacilly Photo Festival to contemplate the different photographers’ views of our world, our societies and our environment.

Photography is an art that is dear to me, and sharing a new programme in our streets, public gardens and homes with the public each year confirms just how important this event is for us all.

2020 and the impact of Covid-19 on our lives came with a set of challenges, adjustments and doubts. But it also marked a time for rebirth, solidarity and collective effort. In these unprecedented times, the La Gacilly Photo Festival association hosted a revised version of its event. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our public, private and technical partners along with the municipal staff and active members of the La Gacilly Photo Festival association for their help in rolling out last year’s event.

2021 promises to be a year of hope and achievement. Let us give photographers this opportunity to exhibit and share their works, their artistic approaches and their questions about the world, so that together we can forge our understanding of it all.

This 18th edition of the festival will also boost the region’s tourist appeal and economy, both of which are of paramount importance in the current context. 
So, let us continue our efforts to ensure that the La Gacilly Photo Festival and the cultural structures of Brittany remain active as they aspire to an exciting future ahead.


Jacques Rocher
Founder of the La Gacilly Photo Festival and Mayor of La Gacilly