The La Gacilly Photo Festival is a landmark event, a kind of territorial creation that reveals emotions and generates meaning, hand-crafted by qualified, committed, inquiring and warm people who are driven by passion. High standards, truth, generosity and accessibility are its guiding principles. But it is also about plurality, mixed viewpoints, and the diversity of the approaches and visions of our guest photographers.

Moving, informing and mobilising as many people as possible around environmental and societal issues is our mission. Each year, true to our ‘People & Nature’ rationale, we tackle new themes that reflect the latest societal trends. Over time, we have built up an editorial database. This is our intangible cultural heritage, which we have chosen to share with you.

A world that wants to get better is a world that takes action with its eyes wide open. Of that, we are convinced. And it is for this very essential reason that we endeavour to exhibit the best at La Gacilly every year. Some images are tragic, others are simply wonderful, but they all encourage us to change our perspectives and question our value systems.

The pandemic continues to pose challenges. Just like last year, our team is hard at work thinking about new ways of bringing the event together, coming up with new models that successfully combine compliance with the inevitable health constraints with tailor-made solutions for inclusion, conviviality and peace of mind. You can count on them!

There will be plenty of new features in the 2021 festival. It will also be a year of experimentation, with one or more events curated for our visitors, partners and professional photography friends… if the health context finally improves, that is.

So here we go: Due North!
Welcome to La Gacilly and enjoy the festival!

Auguste Coudray
President of La Gacilly Photo Festival