Chile - Born in 1975

Taming the untameable at the edge of Patagonia is an adventure worthy of a novel. Photographer Tomás Munita did just that when he embarked with a troop of gauchos, or Chilean cowboys, on the trail of the bagualeros, capturing feral cattle in the steppes and mountains of Sutherland in the south of the country. Munita documented the ancestral lifestyle of these families, who are accompanied by around twenty horses and just as many dogs, battling the winds of the plains and the chilly conditions of the Tierra del Fuego. In their attempts to tame these animals, which were once domesticated but have returned to the wild, the gauchos refuse to use any modern means, risking their lives to confront them hand-to-hand. These images seem to come from another era, harking back to a wild world now increasingly stifled by globalisation and large-scale agriculture.

Exhibition printed thanks to the support and expertise of CEWE.
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