Chile - Born in 1968

Seen from the sky, these are small turquoise or emerald lakes glistening in the north of Chile. But upon closer inspection, it transpires that their glow is actually caused by toxic copper waste, a residue from mines that flows into the water. Further away, in the Tarapacá region, the Humberstone saltpetre works lie abandoned, the ghostly remains of the former potassium nitrate processing sector. In 2019, Chile, which has been plagued by a ten-year-long drought, was due to hold the COP 25 climate change conference, but the social crisis and protest movements occurring in the country forced a change of plan. The country now knows that continuing to consume its resources so intensively will result in its own demise. Martin Bernetti is head of the AFP photo department in Santiago. He is drawing up an environmental inventory of a country that is now aware of its natural heritage and committed to becoming the new Eldorado of green energy.

A joint fight for the planet -
For 2020, the La Gacilly Photo Festival and the AFP have come together to spotlight the work of three AFP photographers working in Latin America on a theme that is close to our hearts: the bond between Humans and Earth.
Exhibition produced thanks to the support and expertise of Initial Labo.
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