Mexico - Born in 1974

Based in Mexico, Pedro Pardo was awarded a World Press Photo prize in 2019 for his shot of a group of Latin American migrants climbing the wall between Mexico and the United States. He continues to document a wounded country that sinks deeper and deeper into violence, every day. His photographs make the front pages and reveal an implacable, heart-rending reality that raises real questions about the world we are fashioning. Children are taking up arms to protect their land, villagers are creating their own self-defence militia against drug cartels, and contingents of destitute people are braving the exodus to seek a brighter future in North America. “I’ve always believed that journalism can transform the community,” states Pardo. This goes some way to explaining what drives him to continue with his work.

A joint fight for the planet -
For 2020, the La Gacilly Photo Festival and the AFP have come together to spotlight the work of three AFP photographers working in Latin America on a theme that is close to our hearts: the bond between Humans and Earth.
Exhibition produced thanks to the support and expertise of Initial Labo.
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