Pauline Tezier Flandrin - Languidic

Pauline Tezier Flandrin is a self-taught photographer. Raised on the African continent, she continued her studies in Canada. She discovered her vocation thanks to her first Reflex. Her work is linked to families and travels with the agency Photographe du monde, she travels around Brittany and other horizons.

Collège Pierre et Marie Curie de Hennebont

When man takes the path of Nature

When man takes the path of Nature, he puts his print on it, a print like an embrace ? Or a mark ?

Alone ? No, Nature accompanies him. A leaf, the reflection of the trees in the water, the blur of the wood makes a smile come to life. 

The forest is watching her in the reflection of the water. The face begins to disappear. The water and the trees suck her in. She becomes the spirit of the lake. 

Nature is an artist. She paints her own picture. With splashed of green and water. Reflections of the tree on the puddle!.


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Collège Marcel Pagnol de Plouay

"What if ..."

What if we were giraffes

And a cheetah went past our window every morning

What if we talked the language of nature

What if we lived in a greener world

What if we lived in a cage-free home

What if we respected our place in nature

What if we lived side by side with animals

What if we were trees

What if we left them flourish

What if we protected

What if we shared

What if we were equal

What if we become one with nature

What if we didn't have to be ashamed

When facing future generations

What if the story wasn't over...?

What if


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