Brazil • Born in 1980


Investigating photography as a complex system of relationships is one of the core themes of Lucas Lenci’s oeuvre. His projects seek to unmask the nature of photography, revealing a site of experimentation beyond the illusory appearance of the images.

In his previous works, such as the three series that make up this exhibit, the Brazilian photographer (and grandson of Peter Scheier, a major name in German photography who immigrated to Brazil and documented major events in the country from the 1950s to the 1970s) creates visual essays that emphasise the silent, static nature of photography. By creating a parallel between photography and taxidermy in Still Life, he does indeed inspire philosophical reflections on life and death, while above all revealing the urgent need to preserve a natural world that is inexorably disappearing under the crushing heel of humanity.

In the two other series presented at La Gacilly, Movimento Estático and Alpha Cities, other reflections catch the photographer’s eye. Reflections on our world which seems to be constantly swinging between rampant urbanisation and a desire to protect and preserve the natural spaces which are at once increasingly threatened and increasingly vital to our wellbeing and that of our planet. 

Three series for three Space-Times. And also, three radically different photographic essays demonstrating three different approaches. Exercises for which the photographer and artist has had to reinvent himself each time. Creating a system and a framework within which he expresses himself in order to better convey his thoughts, allowing us to escape and travel across these three dimensions.  


Lucas Lenci