A common good for photography

The La Gacilly Photo Festival is a story of friendship between people and an affection
for photography. This dyad has been at the heart of the Festival since it was founded
in 2004 and continues to motivate the team that is contributing to the 16 th edition this

Fuelled by this energy, the La Gacilly Photo Festival has found its place as one of the
biggest events on the photography calendar. It stands out not only for the way in
which it shares and promotes photography, but also for the support it provides to
After all, where would the Festival be without its photographers? They inspire us,
question us and, every summer, they unite us for four whole months!
Fans, professionals, day-trippers or passers-by all come together for a couple of
hours here, in this village, with its windows open on to the complexity of the world, to
contemplate the environmental and social issues that the Festival has always
endeavoured to address and which constitute its identity. A genuine sense of
togetherness emerges from this encounter between the images and the public. A
relationship forms, a dialogue is established, a debate; the public space becomes an
Agora and even strangers start to converse.
The Festival builds bridges between visitors but also between different places: within
the territory of La Gacilly itself with exhibitions in Glénac and La Chapelle-Gaceline,
but also more widely within the territory that stretches from the River Oust to the
Brocéliande Forest.
This photographic event not only sharpens the eye but is valued for the pleasure and
togetherness it brings, and for the various initiatives it fosters to bring a sense of civic
duty and ecological awareness to young people.
I would like to thank all those who have joined us on this human and photographic
venture, starting with our public partners for their ongoing support and assistance, as
well as our private partners and patrons for their loyalty, some of whom have been
with us right from the start and all of whom continue to ensure the Festival remains
free of charge for visitors.
This unifying event is a tool for the common good that consolidates multiple sources
of energy, and which will continue to build bridges through space and time in the
Stéphanie Retière
Director of the La Gacilly Photo Festival

Stéphanie Retière
Director of the La Gacilly Photo Festival