We have recently reached new thresholds of horror, revolt, anger and incomprehension. Our perspective of the whole world is being readjusted. We are being engulfed by a profusion of reports and messages, each more distressing than the last. Among all this confusion and conflicting information – sometimes disinformation, or incomplete information that is intended to further our understanding – what are we supposed to think and do?

This atmosphere weighs heavily on each and every one of us as we go about our daily lives. However, we mustn’t stop living for fear of suffering. Let’s continue to believe in the creative capacity and resistance to oppression of a nation that will sooner or later secure its own freedom. In parallel, we should be proud of the tremendous solidarity that we continue to show daily to this beleaguered population to ensure they will stand up again tomorrow.

Aware, responsible and confident: these three words have always guided La Gacilly Photo Festival and, rest assured, they will continue to do so in 2022. Aware, in the editorial line of each year’s Festival, as we highlight the environmental and societal issues of our time; Responsible, in affirming our choice to show the perspectives of our guest photographers in order to sharpen our visitors’ own visions; And resolutely confident when we show the strength, adaptability and resilience of thousands of people around the world.

Tirelessly, we will give a voice to those who resist adversity, who reinvent themselves to avoid suffering, to those who think and then act, and who do their best in a world characterised by upheaval and change.

Our commitment remains the same: to move, to raise awareness, to share, in the interests of a responsible world.

See you very soon in La Gacilly!
Enjoy the festival!

Auguste Coudray
President of La Gacilly Photo Festival

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