The man who walked underwater

The world’s final frontiers are not above us in the sky, but beneath us underwater. The oceans cover 70% of our planet and 95% of the Earth’s biosphere, and are the only place left on Earth for us to explore. The holder of numerous world freediving records and double world champion, Guillaume Néry has been catapulted onto the media stage. His partner Julie Gautier records his exploits in films that are viewed by millions of followers on social media. He has been accompanied from the start of his career by Franck Seguin, chief editor on L’Equipe newspaper’s photography team. Known as the ‘man who walks underwater’, Néry seeks to raise public awareness about the fragility of our oceans as he travels from one sea and one outstanding site to another. These images are an ode to the underwater world and a plea to protect our planet.

Photo gallery