The tourism of climate change

The Dolomites ski resort in Italy, the River Jordan, the Dead Sea and Greenland all have something in common: they are destinations for the phenomenon baptised ‘climate tourism’ by Italian photographer Marco Zorzanello. Although snow on the Italian mountains now only forms the narrowest of layers, the level of the salty inland sea spanning Israel and Jordan has reached an unprecedented low, and the ice cap is melting before our very eyes, tourists continue to flock to these regions transformed by climate change. The burlesque absurdity emanating from these photographs conceals a much more serious reality. That of naive human beings pretending they can’t see the evidence, so that they don’t need to change their lifestyles or bother taking action to avoid the disaster hurtling towards us. Marco Zorzanello won the Yves Rocher Foundation photography award in 2018, in partnership with Visa pour l’Image. He received an €8,000 bursary to fund the Greenland chapter of his opus. This is the first time all his work is presented together.

In partnership with the Yves Rocher Foundation.

Scenography with support and technical input from Menuiserie Cardinal - Cardinal Edifice.

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