Marie Rameau - Étel

For twenty years, Marie Rameau keeps alive the memories of women who were deported for resistance during World War II by meeting and photographing them. These testimonies resulted in a photographic work based on a past in a constant renewal. Her photography transmits these memories.

Mathurin Martin - Baud

Eyes on the world

Open your eyes on the world in which we live

Put the planet against pollution and get together!

Enjoy nature's beauty, see how it suffers from our actions

Now, let us raise our children on a healthy land

In our eyes grows the light of hope

Nothing is more important than to save our wolrd

Give us a future, respect our environment, respect our rivers.

Joseph Kerbellec - Quéven

Open yourself to others

Who are they?


Peolple we don't know

People we meet every day

Those who look after us

Who help us get confident

Who soothe us

Who feed us

Who look after our environment

We wanted to thank them and know them better so we had the idea of taking photographs of objects representing them to recognize their value, please them, show them how important they are to us.