The winner of the first edition of the Grand Prix Photo Terre Solidaire for humanist and environmental photography, of the CCFD was announced of February 16, 2023.- The 2023 winner is Alessandro Cinque for his documentary project "Peru: a toxic state" on the exploitation of mineral resources in Peru.

Remittence of the Terre Solidaire Photo Prize

At the end of 2022, the CCFD launched the first edition of the Terre Solidaire Photo Prize for humanist and environmental photography. This prize corresponds to the idea of placing humans at the heart of their environment and looking at the populations who act for a more sustainable and fairer world.

The announcement of the winners and the award ceremony took place on Thursday February 16, 2023 in Paris. This prize was awarded to 3 winners, including a winner of the Terre Solidaire Photo Grand Prize. 

Alessandro Cinque

The winner of the Terre Solidaire Photo Grand Prize, the italian photographer Alessandro Cinque, testifies through his documentary project "Peru: a toxic state"to the environmental, social and cultural consequences caused by the exploitation of mining resources in Peru. He gives us in this series, the fruit of his journey to meet the Peruvian Andes, the story of their realities and their sufferings. Violation of rights, the degradation of their living conditions and their health, the loosening of their culture and their identity, this photographic project makes it possible to account for the reality of this people in a documentary and militant way.

Thanks to the endowment accompanying the prize, he wishes to continue his work to bear witness to the similar realities experienced by the Andean communities of Bolivia and Ecuador. In order to inform, sensibilize and federate the communities, he wishes to publish a photographic book, translated into the Quechua language to open the dialogue and limit the abuses committed by the mining industries.

His photographic work will be presented in full at the La Gacilly Photo Festival in Summer 2024.

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Anush Babajanyan

The american photographer Anush Babajanyan was also awarded of the Terre Solidaire Photo Prize for her "Battered Waters" series. She testifies through photographic narration, the water crises suffered in Central Asia. She plunges into the heart of the magnificience of the landscapes of Kazakhstan to Tadjikistan to discover the populations and tell their stories.

Thanks to the Terre Solidaire Prize, she wishes to continue to highlight the issues of water management and sharing in the same region.

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Emily Garthwaite

A Bristish photographer, she received the Terre Solidaire Prix for her project "Light Between Mountain" produced in Iraqi Kurdistan. This work testifies to a complex and fragmented territory by a succession of conflicts and struggles to perpetuate their pastoral life, their traditions and their beliefs. Since 2019, she has been crossing areas of memories and traumas to write the story of these people. She wants to show "the other Iraq", where wonder and the quest for renewal take precedence over war.

Thanks to her endowment for the Terre Solidaire Prize, the photographer wishes to continue her work by focusing more on the environmental threats of these unique places with pastoral and religious folklore.

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