France - Born in 1977

We currently know more about Mars than we do about the ocean depths of our own planet. 72% of the Earth’s surface is covered with water and 95% of our world’s living space lies beneath the waves. The ocean and its great depths really are the final frontier for us to explore. It is the last uncharted zone on our maps, the ultimate reservoirs of still unknown biodiversity. French photographer Greg Lecoeur became fascinated by this mysterious realm from a very young age. He was born in Nice and grew up by the Mediterranean, and has continually explored the beauty of our marine environment while advocating the protection of this fragile ecosystem. Photographer of the year for National Geographic magazine and for the French National Museum of Natural History in 2016, like fellow photographers Brian Skerry, David Doubilet and Paul Nicklen, he is now a major specialist in underwater photography. This exhibition showcases some of the greatest shots of his prestigious career through photographs that revolutionise the genre by getting up close to the animals.
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