From our eternally mysterious single-celled ancestor, a whole web of plant, fungal and animal life forms has developed, whose vital energy and creativity have resulted in a variety of creatures that surpass the realms of the imagination.

We live in a global context of climate change, social crisis and a living world in decline. Anthropocene or capitalocene: regardless of the name we give the era, our production and consumption models are being decried. We need to (re-)act and (re-)think our relationships with our worlds; we have no choice if we are to remain part of this whole, as individuals, communities and societies.

The Earth is the home we share, where every life form is linked, interdependent, active and sensitive. Over the years, the festival has forged its own sensitivity and aesthetic, interacting and cooperating with other organisations for the benefit of the region. Examples include working with the Collectif des Festivals association, which is committed to sustainable and inclusive development in Brittany, for a number of years and, more recently, with Art Contemporain en Bretagne, Green Morbihan and 1% for the Planet. As part of the photographic community, our association contributes to this vibrant ecosystem of meetings, discussions and exchange. With photographers first and foremost, but also with all those who work to promote or produce this art: authors’ societies, galleries and agencies, laboratories, festivals and institutions, editors and the media, enthusiasts and collectors… the list goes on.

Photography has its own biodiversity, which is also exposed to multiple threats. We must not let our differences divide us. The La Gacilly Photo Festival is a species that lives for and through photography, but whose aim has always been to encourage and promote knowledge of nature and societies. Our photography festival has a mission and we are committed not only to photography but to the Environment and Culture for all. Seventeen years after our first event, the La Gacilly Photo Festival association is still very much alive.

Alive with curiosity and enthusiasm to explore uncharted and unfamiliar photography. Alive and happy to welcome all our loyal and new visitors each summer. And alive because it is flourishing and enterprising, thanks to the support of our benefactors and partners.


A living and active entity.

A committed and captivating festival.


Stéphanie Retière-Secret

Director of La Gacilly Photo Festival