The EAC (artistic and cultural education) pedagogic projects are annual projects allowing a partnership during a school year between sont des projets annuels qui permettent un partenariat sur une année scolaire entre :

  • La Gacilly Photo Festival Association
  • A school
  • & a photographer

The goal is to familiarize students to the artistic practice, with an artist and to lead an artistic project both collective and individual

We co-build a project allowing the realization of photographic workshops at school (generally 25h of workshop per class) which permit a contact between the artist and one or several classes. The restitution of these projets brings an exhibition in the school, but also the realization of a small edition, a virtual magazine...

Discover the 2022-2023 project with the Jean de La Fontaine School of La Gacilly with Marynn Gallerne

Discover the 2021-2022 project with La Cité Scolaire Beaumont de Redon with Maël Le Golvan

Discover the 2020-2021 project with the Marie Le Franc High School of Lorient

Discover the 2020-2021 project of the Saint-Michel School of Guipry


We do not impose any topic. It is fit for the dynamic that settles between us, the school and the photographer. 

This project is submitted to various funders in May, for a response generally in July, and a start of the project in September-October during the following school year.

It is important to contact us very soon if you are interested by this adventure, because these projects require quite a long preparation to be well "tied up" and see the grants succeed.

Any teacher can contact us, with the agreement of their headteacher (ideally from the end of October/November for a project that will ultimately take place the following school year). 

Do you want to set up an educational project for artistic and cultural education in collaboration with La Gacilly Photo Festival? It's possible! Contact Charlotte Laruelle, public relations officer on 02 99 08 68 00.