Photo éducation et médiation (Terre, Plante, Livre, Classeur)


Do you have an eagle eye?

The Festival team has taken a good look at all the photographs on display this year and has selected a few details for you. Can you find them?

With the help of the game booklet, explore the exhibitions with your family, friends or group and keep your eyes open! Each discovery will bring you a little closer to the mystery word, and therefore to the reward...

An original activity adapted to the little ones that will spice up your discovery of the Festival!

Free loan in exchange for an ID, at the Info Point, Place de la Ferronnerie.

Reservation required for groups.

Information & booking for groups: 

02 99 08 68 00


Level : from 5 years old to 99 years old

Duration : As long as you want!

The Zoom Zoom bag is only available in English


With a bag containing many games and accessories, you can discover the exhibitions in a lively and fun way at your own pace.

This visual arts education tool can be used in any photo exhibition by small or big groups. The colour code on the Zoom-Zoom cards will tell you the level of difficulty of each activity so you can adapt the questions to the age of the people in your group! 

Free loan when you leave proof of identity at the Information Point, Place de la Ferronnerie.

Booking mandatory for groups: or


Pick up your bag and drop it off when you are done at the Information Point, Place de la Ferronnerie.

What's in the Zoom-Zoom bag?

Each Zoom-Zoom bag contains:

- a Festival fabric bag to carry everything

- a pack of Zoom-Zoom cards: you will need them to play

- A map of the festival, so you don't get lost

- A slate and some chalk, so you can write and draw

- A cardboard plate with a hole in it, which will help you to aim

- Shutter glasses, so you can listen without being able to see