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1 June
30 September

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Cyril Drouhet, Commissaire des expositions du Festival Photo La Gacilly

The renaissance is now !

“When we dream alone, it is only a dream, but when many dream together it is the beginning of a new reality.”
Friedensreich Hundertwasser (1928–2000)

A photography festival that seeks to use the power of images to highlight the extremely fragile beauty of our planet? We can already hear the cries of the Cassandras out there, wringing their hands and scaremongering with claims that ecological realism is floundering, and that there is no point hoping that civilisation will soon restore the balance it long enjoyed with its environment. They may turn out to be right. The recent social unrest in France has overshadowed legitimate concerns about the transition to renewable energy, the end of pesticide use and the protection of ecosystems. Slogans have been cast, initially motivated by fears of impoverishment in a two-tier society. Read more

The orders

Éric Garault

Éric Garault

France / born in 1975

The Morbihan sentries

There’s one thing we tend to forget: humans might be responsible for the damage done to our environment, but they are also the ones standing up to defend it. All over the world, at a time of urgency when there has never been greater need, men and women are taking action to halt the damage being done to our planet. Morbihan is no exception. One summer, Eric Garoult, a portrait photographer and reporter, set out to meet these farmers, activists, beekeepers, herders, sailors, island wardens and forest rangers who are fighting to preserve the Morbihan area. The people who, each in their own way, are helping to maintain and protect the unique natural heritage of this part of Brittany. They are all different, yet all unconventional. Their diverse backgrounds command respect and admiration, and inspire others to follow them on their quest to save the Earth.

Photographic commission supported by the Morbihan Departmental Council.

Les amateurs à la Gacilly

Image sans frontière

From the rampant, tempestuous genesis of chaos, the wilderness and all its resources form a haven for living species and, little by little, humans make their mark, domesticating open, previously untouched spaces. Read more

La Gacilly Photo Club

As part of its ‘People and Nature’ partnership with the La Gacilly Photo Festival, the La Gacilly photo club is holding its 18th  International Digital Images Competition with two categories: ‘Free Images’ and ‘Images of Nature’... Read more

Morbihan School Photo Festival

Spurred by the success of previous years, the La Gacilly Photo Festival and the Morbihan Departmental Council, in partnership... Read more